Boiler House
152 Brick Lane, E1 6RU London
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The wooden tables are full of diners trying the different foods, and you can be certain that you've no need to plan another meal after coming here.
The Old Truman Brewery's celebrated Boiler House, dated back to 1830's with its spectacular soaring ceilings and distinctive landmark the Truman Chimney, is the home to the Brick Lane Food Hall.
Over thirty stalls of international culinary delights, the variety is abundance!!! The choice of flavors and cuisines truly represent multi-cultural London.
The Brick Lane Food Hall traders offer cuisine from around the globe, ranging from Japanese and Italian to Mediterranean and Asian fusion.
Let us surprised and expand your gastronome skills with an all-rounder affordable 'local to exotic' gourmet experience. Sample cookery from Poland, Malaysia, Morocco, Korea, Ethiopia and many another countries.
To assure the quality of your visit, our lounge bar offers seating and wooden
tables around the great chimney and a lovely secret beer garden for sun and fresh air lovers.

Every Weekend
Saturdays 11am - 6pm
Sundays 10am - 5pm
de-li-cious ; adjective
giving pleasure and satisfaction
Synonyms: healthy vegan food; appetizing cocktails; luscious beer garden; scrumptious fudge; yummy dim sum & much more!!
+44(0)20 7770 6028